Let Sleeping Dogs Lie?

Sometimes I go back to thinking I should just let my dog memories be.  I can't live in them any more, not for very long.  Then the other day I saw a friend's comment about what she learned from doing shadow work:  to leave the dead in peace.  As I was mulling this over, and thinking how much easier that would be, I realized it was impossible - especially at this time of year!  I've been honoring the ancestors, and many critters among them. 

I'm also always inspired by the story of Persephone and Hades, and recently by the amazing book Life's Daughter, Death's Bride.  Despite Mr. Wonderful's butchering of this tale (and even her name!) on the Shark Tank the other night (there are a million versions, but his made no sense), Persephone grew into her role in the Underworld, and was able to bring comfort there too, not just endure it.

And then fortunately I heard this, from one of my sheroes...

It’s stupid to be safe. Because ultimately, ya know, usually whatever that is, wherever you don’t want to go, whatever that risk is, whatever the unsafe place is, that really is the gift that you have to give.
— Amanda Palmer
Posted on November 3, 2015 .