Paperback Launch!!

I'm so glad this moment was captured (thanks, bro!) because there was nothing like seeing my book in print!!!  It's available on Amazon and can be ordered in bookstores now!  Soon I'll branch out to the other ebook sellers, and I'm planning on doing an audio version too.

There were some printing glitches with this proof copy ~ some strange squiggles in random places!  They were kind of cool looking (like little larvae) and I almost left them ... but, well, no.  Then the ink was inconsistent so about 1/3 of the pages were a good bit lighter than others.  As it turned out, the photo of myself I chose for the back cover was way too tiny and dark, so I chose a more normal-looking one.  Between the holidays and weather it's taking longer than seems reasonable to get a bunch of print books to send out review copies!  I've learned that everything takes time in this publishing process... if I've promised you a book, it's still coming! 

It seems fitting to go ahead and start sharing the beginning of my ethnography, where my story really begins, over hereThis is where I'm posting the first part of my book chronologically and with photos and extras to fill in some blanks.  How cool is it that I can publish an entry dated Jan. 14, 2005!?!

Posted on January 17, 2018 and filed under book.