Why so blue?

One of the men asks, Why blue? People ask me this question often. I never know how to respond. We don’t get to choose what or whom we love, I want to say. We just don’t get to choose.
— Maggie Nelson, Bluets
 All images © under the pyramids

All images © under the pyramids

The idea that "something blue" should be incorporated into a wedding is from 19th century Britain and was meant to ensure luck, prosperity, and fertility. "True blue," I suppose. I don't tend to associate those particular qualities with this color – do you? Still, there's still something so charming about the custom. And surely something sublime about blue, especially when it is hand-dyed in its most delicate and deep and varying shades.

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I've had an indigo vat for years now, and have tried dyeing every conceivable sort of object – clothes, curtains, and all manner of other linens, papers, unstained wood, bones, my hair. Once a poor lizard fell into the vat and went to his rest, all in blue. I've gazed into the blue pool and tried to scry. I've seen myself and much more than the moon's reflection. An indigo vat is fermented plant material. It's alive! In more obvious ways than most things.

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The first ceremonial cord was unplanned, but dyed a perfect shade, the palest wisp of indigo. My dear friend Mathyld adorned it with elements meaningful to her and used it as a handfasting cord in her own wedding! Then we decided to collaborate to create some for our customers, and we started, with, well, white! Another color laden with immense history and symbolism. White in wool is not the same as #ffffff – its shades are much richer, like milk or clotted cream. We also used other colors of wool from our sheep friends, who are not blue. I've been meaning to dye some blues since we started offering our cords, but a person with the most beautiful pale blue eyes came along and commanded all my attention for many moons.

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As you might've guessed, we finally have blue colorways for our Ceremonial Cords! After I spin and dye them, I send them to Mathyld in Paris. Upon order she adorns them with handcrafted sterling silver charms and glowing gemstones.

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Our cords are customized with your choice of runes, symbols and stones. They are entirely handcrafted, with the purest materials and intention. They are perfect for handfastings but have other uses too ... just ask! These cords are designed to be treasured as heirlooms and come tucked inside keepsake boxes with adorable, detailed booklets.

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You can find all the details in both our shops: Petit Bones and under the pyramids. There is also a listing for those who'd prefer the natural, undyed cords. We'd love to create a cord or cords with just the right symbolism and meaning for you.

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Read and see more of the background of this project!


Thank you Mathyld for making magic with me, and also for the lovely photos! All images © under the pyramids. 

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