Some time in 2000

The first thing I remember of the current millennium is lying in bed wide-awake in the wee hours of night. I felt so alone with Michael snoring next to me. I had changed law jobs twice in the past few months. I left a large firm, a great paying job, to go to the Housing Authority, and then when that wasn’t working for me, I went to yet another firm. I negotiated a less than full-time gig so that I could think about going back to grad school and doing something interesting. I never liked practicing law, but hadn’t been able to get out from under my bills long enough to make a go of something else. Still, after eight years, I could afford to go part-time (still full-time as ordinary jobs go), and the firm could afford to let me.

What I really need and want in life is a dog. No, maybe this is selfish desire. It will not solve anything. But I miss dog love and I haven’t felt that intense bond since childhood. I can remember lying with my head on Kahlua’s soft belly and burying my nose in her fur. I know it won’t be easy to care for a dog in my small condo. I’ll have to get up and walk her late at night and early in the morning. A dog definitely won’t mesh well with the demands of work and Michael’s busy social schedule. But fuck it. I’ll deal with the consequences.

Posted on February 1, 2000 and filed under book.