First Bite

I’ve been lurking on a number of pit bull websites for months and I’ve learned so much. It’s still hard for me to jump in and participate. Even though I thought I knew a lot about dogs, I am merely a low-ranking “petbuller” because I do not have or raise game-bred pit bulls. The vetting process for new members is intense! Common chat room questions are, "What do you feed?" and "What lines do you run?" And one’s answers quickly determine their status as a "dogger" or a "petbull" person. These folks are extremely opinionated! If you feed crap dog food like Purina, or God forbid, Ol’ Roy, you will get blasted.

So last night, I answered an ad on one gamedog site looking for a moderator. I’m supposed to be giving back to the community I’m studying, somehow, plus I thought it might get me more in the know. Then today, an instant message popped up on my screen with an icon of a pit bull superimposed onto a Confederate flag. This was the avatar for Jeff, the webmaster. We ended up having a long convo!

He started the site because he was interested in providing information to the public about the pit bull breed. When he found out I am a lawyer and now also a grad student, he asked me to help review the rules and guidelines for the site, and maybe write a mission statement. He made me a staff member, which I see now gives me access to private forums for moderators!

Posted on May 28, 2005 .