First Show

I need to be keeping closer track of everything, but I’ve become totally immersed in the site. I chat with Jeff online almost every day. And get this, he lives about an hour away from here!!! I knew he was in the South, but WTF? The other night when I was stressing out about a film I have due for my visual anthropology class, he said why didn’t I come to the conformation show the next day!! It was just out not far from Stone Mountain! He said I could film it and maybe we’d put it on the site or something.

I was so excited to go to this thing I felt like I was going to pee myself. We went and I met his dad, Larry, and his dad’s girlfriend, Cindy, and some other people and dogs and kids. I took tons of pics. And OMG I met Irish Jerry, one of the legendary dogmen—he was the judge! And I asked him about my friend Otis (who now raises horses but used to be into the dogs) and got him talking a little because of that connection. Otis and Molly actually ended up coming by for a few minutes too because they had called and invited me to the horse park and I told them where I was, and they were close by so they said they’d come check it out.

And I got to show one of Jeff and Larry’s dogs! We didn’t win but walking out there all proud with him was so much fun! Gosh there is so much more to write but it’ll have to be later, I’m wiped.

Posted on June 8, 2005 .